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Grupo Premium Foundation

In addition to being a pioneering chain in the catering and hospitality sector, we focus on social responsibility at Grupo Premium, showing a genuine and altruistic commitment to each of the projects entrusted to us or in which we decide to participate. We strive to create a pleasant environment where our workers and customers feel they are the stars.

Critical Moments for the Foundation

To reinforce our commitment to Malaga, on February 3, 2023, we decided to create “Grupo Premium Foundation,” with which we plan to promote culture in the capital of the Costa del Sol and strengthen our link with other non-profit organizations.

Likewise, in 2024, we intend to launch a training program in hospitality that contributes to giving greater visibility to the sector and integrating people in situations of social exclusion into the workplace.

The board comprises Elisardo Sánchez Burgos as president, José Manuel Montalvo Senra as vice president, and Juan Francisco García as secretary and treasurer.

Social Projects

Among the collaborations we have made in recent years, we can find:

  • La Caixa Foundation: through the Incorpora program, an initiative of social inclusion, we have promoted the training and labour insertion, especially in the hospitality sector, of people at risk of exclusion.

  • Arrabal Association: a social and non-profit organization that works for the full social and labour integration of vulnerable people. With them, we give training courses in gastronomy and cuisine and raise funds for training purposes.

  • Collaborations with local artists: by organizing concerts, meetings, workshops, and exhibitions at our Premium spaces, we strengthen the cultural fabric of the city and its prestige.

  • Collaboration in fundraising for associations such as Cudeca, Cruz Roja, Feder Foundation, and Arrabal Association.

  • Altruistic tasks in soup kitchens by providing menus and raw materials to develop their activity.

General Objectives of the Foundation

  1. Promotion of the action and social economy and collaboration with other public and private non-profit institutions.

  2. Vocational training for sectors of the population at risk of social exclusion, especially in hospitality and catering, and the promotion of internship programs in Grupo Premium companies.

  3. Encourage improvement and professional qualification by creating scholarship or aid programs that allow recent graduates to access master’s degrees or training courses with which they can specialize and join the labour market faster.

  4. Encourage and promote individual initiative and talent through leadership by rewarding performance and entrepreneurship with awards and grants to creative and talented people.

  5. Participate actively in creating a vast business network that can attract and promote talent, aiming to advise and finance entrepreneurs betting on creating wealth and employment.
  1. Develop culture and promote local artistic talent, whether photography, painting, sculpture, or music, by organising cultural, creative, and musical exhibitions and events.

  2. Defend and protect the environment by launching initiatives based on sustainability.

  3. Promote the growth of the information society, knowledge, and technologies through aid and specialized advice.

  4. Launch projects of a scientific nature in different areas thanks to granting grants for the publication of books, monographs, journals, studies, and theses.

  5. Organize events, congresses, and presentations in which the values and purposes of the Foundation are addressed.

Action Plan for 2023

These are the plans we intend to focus on this year:

  • The promotion and dissemination of local artists through the organization of concerts with veteran and other emerging artists, preparation of exhibitions in corporate spaces in Malaga, and intermediation between artists and collaborating companies of the Foundation to achieve the cession of areas.

  • Professional training, especially in the hospitality sector, through master classes and workshops.
  • It helps soup kitchens through the provision of economic funds and resources, as well as the creation of volunteer awareness campaigns.

  • Social activities for fundraising.

About Grupo Premium Foundation

The Grupo Premium Foundation was established on 03/02/2023, with registration number 2682 of the Registry of Foundations of Andalusia.



Foto de Elisardo Sánchez Burgos

Elisardo Sánchez Burgos

Vice President

José Manuel Montalvo Senra


Foto de José Manuel Montalvo

Juan Francisco García Postigo

How Can You Collaborate with the Foundation?

You can also do your part and contribute to the Grupo Premium Foundation by purchasing one of our solidarity dishes or cocktails from the establishments adhering to the initiative. For each of them, 1€ will go to the Foundation.

To collaborate socially or financially with our objectives, you can fill in the following contact form so we can reach out to you.

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