Grupo premium

One step ahead

With over 10 years of experience in the hotel and catering industry, Grupo Premium has grown and evolved. With 3 accommodation options, 4 restaurants, 4 rooftop bars and 1 meeting room, there are limitless options for your events.

Life is more Premium in Malaga since 2011

It was in 2011 when La Terraza Oasis opened its doors in the heart of downtown Malaga. A pioneering idea that laid the foundations for our philosophy.

Four years later the Alcazaba Premium Hotel was born, with its Terraza de la Alcazaba and the Batik restaurant. So began Grupo Premium’s commitment to accommodation and haute cuisine, a concept that was consolidated in 2017 with Malaga Premium Hotel: the first gastro-hotel in Malaga. Yubá and Bendito revolutionised the gastronomic scene of the group and the city with their daring dishes. To top it off, La Terraza de San Juan established itself as a celebration venue, a meeting place and a cocktail lounge.

One year later, Cruzcampo’s La Fábrica de Cerveza arrived in Malaga’s Soho district, a venue focused on developing urban culture, gastronomy and, above all, unique experiences. From 2020, in various stages, the final members of the Premium family arrived with the Malaga Premium Apartments. First, the building on Calle Granada, and later that on Calle San Telmo. They were joined by La Terraza de San Telmo (former Terraza Oasis) and, the most recent addition, La Terraza del Quizás. This is how, today,

Grupo Premium offers over ten event venues that adapt to the needs of our hosts and their guests. Our goal? To turn their ideas into reality.

Grupo Premium: modern history of Malaga

Since its beginnings, Grupo Premium has sought to bring together the hotel and catering concepts, both with an avant-garde profile.  Always one step ahead.

A group in constant growth that is always in pursuit of being better. We build successful brands and venues where our guests want to return for the quality experiences and the success of our organisation of events in Malaga city.


The Grupo Premium philosophy

Our goal has always been clear: to become benchmarks for the local, national and international public. A commitment to charming and safe accommodation, with careful attention to detail, along with avant-garde gastronomy and first-class cocktail bartending in Malaga. Our constant desire for the Grupo Premium brand to become synonymous with quality and good experiences, both for our team and for our customers.

We haven’t forgotten about our roots and we strive daily to create a favourable environment for the economic and social development of our city, promoting training projects, employment integration and sustainability in all of the group’s spaces.

Everything is possible with the dedication of a team that feels involved in what it does: building Premium experiences.

The Premium life: our commitment to you

The only way to ensure the success of a project like that of the Grupo Premium is with love, attention to detail and the desire to always give the very best. We work for and on behalf of our customers: the group’s true cornerstone.

Our team of hotel, catering and event organisation professionals work to ensure that the expectations of our customers are not only fulfilled but that they are exceeded and that they want to repeat their experience with us. That is our greatest reward!

Restaurante chill-out del grupo premium en Málaga, zona de mesas
Tomando cóctel en terraza del grupo Premium frente al alcazaba de Málaga
Terraza con vistas al alcazaba de Málaga del Grupo Premium
Grupo Premium
Grupo Premium
Ensaladas gourmet en establecimiento del Grupo Premium
Preparación de cóctel en restaurante del Grupo Premium de Málaga
Zona de terraza del Grupo Premium ideal para eventos en Málaga