Grupo Premium Foundation is the latest initiative of the Malaga hotel group. Since its beginnings, Grupo Premium has participated in numerous projects to promote social inclusion in Malaga and has prepared its facilities to host any altruistic act. Now, with the inauguration of its foundation, the group will begin extensive hospitality training, continue to participate in different social activities, and further support local artists.

Social Inclusion of the New Grupo Premium Foundation

Since it was created more than ten years ago, Grupo Premium has fostered social inclusion and collaborated with different non-profit associations. Among these activities is the Incorpora program, an initiative of social inclusion which, together with La Caixa Foundation, seeks to provide training and labour insertion in the hospitality sector for people at risk of exclusion. In the same way, the Arrabal Association works for the full social and labour integration of vulnerable people, and thanks to the help of Grupo Premium, it gave training courses in gastronomy and cuisine and raised funds for training purposes. In addition, Grupo Premium has collaborated in fundraising for associations such as Cudeca, Cruz Roja, and the Feder Foundation. It also performs altruistic tasks in soup kitchens by providing menus and raw materials. Finally, the group collaborates closely with local artists by organising concerts, meetings, workshops, and exhibitions, helping to strengthen the cultural fabric of the city and its prestige.

Taking as a reference this extensive experience of social inclusion and commitment in the hospitality sector, the directors of the Premium Group, Elisardo Sánchez Burgos, José Manuel Montalvo Senra, and Juan Francisco García Postigo, have decided to advance in their social tasks and create the Grupo Premium Foundation.

This new foundation will work in several ways: training and support for culture, science, and technology; sustainability and the environment; and support for entrepreneurship and leadership. Among its first projects, the creation of the Talent Factory stands out as a way to promote hospitality training following the philosophy and values of Grupo Premium. In the same way, the Grupo Premium Foundation also intends to establish a close collaboration with several NGOs with initiatives such as supporting children through collecting school materials or preparing solidarity menus on designated dates. Another line of work will include backing culture throughinitiatives and events supporting local artists and musicians to boost their professional careers.

La Fábrica Introduces the New Grupo Premium Foundation

The presentation of Grupo Premium Foundation was held at La Fábrica microbrewery on 29th June. The event was attended by the three directors of the foundation, as well as many representatives of institutions such as Gemma del Corral, theterritorial delegate of tourism, culture, and sport of the Regional Government; the councillor of social affairs Paco Cantos; the councillor of sports Borja Vivas,the deputy Manuel Marmolejo; the delegate of the United Nations in Malaga, Julio Andrade; the director of Sabor a Málaga Leonor García Agua; the delegate of La Caixa Foundation in Andalusia, Juan Carlos Barroso; the MAHOS president, Javier Frutos; players and former players of Unicaja Basketball Team; representatives of Malaga CF Foundation and many Grupo Premium’s friends.

During the event, some attendees had the opportunity to dedicate a few words to the recently inaugurated Grupo Premium Foundation. Thus, the Foundation’s vice president, José Manuel Montalvo, commented that they intended to start with La Fábrica de Talento to achieve the professional excellence of hospitality employees and support all artistic fields such as culture and music. However, in the long term, various initiatives are contemplated in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, science, or the environment. Furthermore, the president of the Foundation, Elisardo Sánchez, said that the main goal will always be the city of Malaga, in which they have not only placed their trust in business projects but also in social inclusion tasks. Also, the delegate, Gemma del Corral, took the opportunity to publicly congratulate Grupo Premium for its courageous initiative and commendable work in turning its business into a social project to help all Malaga residents.

The celebration at La Fábrica lasted until the evening and was attended by the artist Daniela Miazzo, who made a live artistic intervention, which was auctioned among the attendees. At the end of the party, the public enjoyed the Candamil Vargas Quintet group formed by young musicians from the Malaga scene.

In this way, the new Grupo Premium Foundation was inaugurated, with which the group is committed to the city of Malaga to promote culture, strengthen its link with other non-profit organizations, and encourage hospitality training to professionalize the sector in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

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