The Grupo Premium Foundation continues with its social responsibility work. Once again, the Foundation demonstrates its commitment to Málaga and those who need it most. On this occasion, the Foundation brought together the three restaurants and organized the preparation of 120 charity menus to be donated to the Santo Domingo soup kitchen on December 22. Read on to find out all the details of this charity Christmas initiative.

Grupo Premium Foundation Donates Charity Menus to Santo Domingo Soup Kitchen

It is not the first nor will it be the last time that Grupo Premium demonstrates its social responsibility and its outstanding commitment to the city of Malaga. Since it was established, the group has participated in numerous solidarity activities to help those who face difficult situations. On this occasion, thanks to the invaluable help of the group’s restaurants, he donated 120 charity menus to the Santo Domingo soup kitchen in the Malaga neighbourhood of Perchel.

This soup kitchen offers daily breakfasts, lunches, and bags of food for dinner for those who need it, regardless of whether they come alone or as a family or are carers of minors, the elderly, or people with special needs. This beautiful initiative began in the 80s and continues to increase services and support all types of families in different areas beyond food: skills development, professional guidance, psychological care, etc.

On December 22, the Batik, Bendito, and La Fábrica de Cerveza restaurants got to work. They used their best culinary knowledge to prepare a delicious menu consisting of a starter, a main course, and a dessert. This way, 120 lucky people were able to enjoy the delicacies prepared by our expert chefs: Chickpea stew with cuttlefish and rosé, Iberian Carrillada with teriyaki and crushed potatoes with mushrooms, and, for dessert, chocolate cake made by Postres Truffel, the usual supplier of the group.

Grupo Premium Foundation: The Result of a Great Social Work

What do you think about this charity initiative? The Grupo Premium restaurants had already participated in solidarity events in previous years. Still, they have done their work more efficiently this year thanks to the Grupo Premium Foundation. And we are proud because, thanks to this, we have been able to prepare a large number of solidarity menus for those who need it most.

As you know, we have always had a faithful commitment to the city of Malaga, and what better time to return to solidarity than on dates as significant as Christmas. In addition, as the Foundation’s vice president, José Manuel Montalvo Senra, said, we feel privileged to help entities such as the Santo Domingo soup kitchen, which directly supports society and covers basic needs such as food.

Without a doubt, 2024 will once again be a year of solidarity for Premium Group, and we are already developing plans for the Premium Group Foundation to participate in initiatives within this area again. If you are interested in collaborating on this type of initiative or in learning about other projects of the Grupo Premium Foundation, we encourage you to discover our website.

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