Looking for team-building activities for your company? Working as a real team is one of the most requested soft skills in the corporate world since all members should work in unison to achieve the desired goals and reach the planned results.

At Grupo Premium, we know what your team needs, so we offer various activities and environments where you can hold team meetings. Are you curious about the available options and why it is essential to do this type of activity regularly?

Advantages of holding team building activities in your company
Some of the main advantages of the dynamics
Visits and tastings at La Fábrica: a team-building activity in malaga that tastes great!
The Cocktail Scene at Premium Rooftop Bars: Bring on the Teamwork!

Advantages of Holding Team Building Activities in Your Company

According to European School of Management data, almost 50% of workers improve their performance when they are more satisfied within their team and share some bond. Team building or “team construction” is a technique companies use to foster a sense of belonging, connection, and teamwork among workers and boost critical and strategic thinking.

Some of the Main Advantages of This Dynamic Are the Following:

  1. Increased motivation, which has a direct impact on workers’ productivity and happiness.
  2. Creating and strengthening peer bonds: Team building activities strengthen bonds and interpersonal relationships among all members.
  3. Improved communication is essential for smooth business processes and to increase employee trust.

Suppose you and your team are looking to improve business performance and boost trust. In that case, Grupo Premium in Malaga provides the ideal practices to strengthen employee bonds, communication, and cooperation. Keep reading to unleash what kind of team-building activities await you in our spaces.

Visits and Tastings at la Fábrica: A Team-Building Activity in Malaga That Looks Great!

One of our most suitable venues to promote team building in your company is La Fábrica: a space for up to 450 people where you can delight your palate with our exquisite craft beers. Discover the process of making our Soho beers with our masters through a guided tour of all the facilities. Thanks to the calm and relaxed dynamics of the activity, you and your colleagues will be able to increase creativity. A must for facing challenges, improving communication, and releasing any tensions that may arise in the work environment. Please remember that it is necessary to book in advance.

Do not think about it any longer and come with your colleagues to our beer paradise of excellence in Malaga to enjoy a teamwork dynamic: you will know each other better, trust will skyrocket, and your bonds will be closer, the best combination for a good team building and facing all business challenges with more motivation than ever. In addition, you can combine such an interactive activity as team-building with a gastronomic experience that will make you travel through the senses.

The Cocktail Scene at Premium Rooftop Bars: Bring on the Teamwork!

If you prefer something different, making you focus on all your creative skills, here is a workshop to learn how to make cocktails in Malaga. Of course, team building will be more than certain with this activity.

Come up to the most Premium rooftop bars in Malaga to admire the incredible views it offers the capital. Do it from different key spots of the historic centre, all while testing your talent as a bartender. Do you dare to try it? Fun is guaranteed. Depending on the number of participants, either in small groups or in pairs. A team of professional cocktail experts from Grupo Premium will train you to make authentic delicacies. Do not forget that our experts have been awarded for their skills!

coctelería como actividad de team building en málaga

First, a splash of tequila, then lime juice and cranberry syrup, perhaps Vodka 43 to top it off… The decision-making among yourselves will be key to achieving the contrasts, textures and flavours you seek. Ultimately, it’s about tasting until you find the magic note and enjoying and savouring the cocktail. What a treat!

You will grow in creativity, improve communication, and strengthen your basic soft skills, such as decision-making and team coordination. Undoubtedly, this workshop designed to boost team building has the potential to be a great success. Experience it yourself!

Of course, this is only a small sample of what Grupo Premium offers. Little by little, we will be adding more offers from our wide range of spaces, activities and plans to promote team building in Malaga city centre. Come on up! Stay tuned.

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