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Malaga prepares for the Feria in August and in Grupo Premium we do not want to leave anything to improvisation. This year the Feria de Malaga 2022 begins with the inaugural dinner at the Bendito restaurant in Malaga Premium Hotel. And don’t worry about the fireworks, because we guarantee you will feel them in every bite of our creations. And that’s not all, because in Grupo Premium we are going to the Feria and we have prepared a series of concerts during the day with which you will not want the Feria to end and an offer of the well-known rooftop-ing that you cannot miss. Take note:

Treat yourself to a dinner in the Feria de Malaga 2022

There are three times a year when every Malaga citizen who values himself is allowed to skip the diet: Christmas, Easter and, of course, our Feria. And what better way to dedicate a “goodbye” to the bikini operation than with a tasting menu of six preparations that perfectly combine the innovation and creativity of the fusion cuisine with typical products of our land?

menu feria de malaga 2022 bendito

The inauguration of the evening will be carried out by one of the undisputed protagonists of our childhood, present and future: the traditional mollete. A muffin that has been kneaded and baked in the bakery Ramos and, which is accompanied by ali-oli and tomato bull’s egg, forms the first course of our menu. And that is only the beginning because we will also pay tribute to the Mozarabic past of our city with an elaboration of Maghreb inspiration and flavour: roasted sea bass with lentil and shermoula warm salad.

The Feria de Malaga 2022 brings a fusion of local and Asian flavours

But our gastronomic adventure has only just begun since we will also travel to several points of the Asian continent through dishes that create a perfect contrast between the fusion cuisine that characterizes Bendito, the gastronomic influence of our roots and the quality and flavour of our local products.

menu inaguracion feria de malaga 2022 en bendito

During our journey of flavours, we will visit Thailand through its traditional spring rolls or Poh Piah in perfect harmony with our Andalusian piriñaca, we will make a very special stop in one of the most renowned Chinese provinces in the gastronomic world famous for its spicy elaborations, with our strip of lacquered pork in the style of Sichuan, and we will visit Indonesia through one of the most chameleonic chilli sauces in Southeast Asia: the Sambal Oelek, the perfect complement for our preparation of pickled tuna, gazpacho and fried peppers. Finish your tour with the quintessential Turkish delight, the filo pastry cake with almonds and pistachios popularly known as baklava.

A joyful touch to inaugurate the Feria de Malaga 2022

Any good dinner deserves a drink that matches its quality and, because of that, we have prepared the perfect pairing at Bendito, suitable to your preferences, with which you will enjoy our tasty kick-off of the Feria in August. If you are more of an unfiltered Águila beer lover, you will undoubtedly be the best host to enjoy the evening. On the other hand, if wine is your thing, we present the main contenders to fight for a place at your table: Aurora Pinot Noir, light red wine with a fruity aroma, and Atlantis Albariño, fresh white wine with apple and pineapple aromas. To conclude, if your perfect pairing is more aligned with a refreshing drink, as well as delicious and alcohol-free, youhave to try our Moroccan iced tea mocktail with mint, honey and orange blossom.

So don’t think twice and give yourself the treat that the beginning of the Feria de Malaga 2022 and you deserve with our opening dinner of the holidays. We look forward to seeing you next Friday, August 12 at 9:00 pm on the ground floor of the Malaga Premium Hotel, subject to reservation.

Find the most artistic Feria de Malaga 2022 at La Fábrica

Although the surprises that we have waiting for you during our Feria in August do not end here, because from La Fábrica, our craft microbrewery located in the heart of Malaga’s Soho, we have prepared a series of concerts in Malaga so that you can experience the Feria during the day.

From August 13 to 20, we will put an Oscar-worthy soundtrack to your afternoons at the Feria with a trip to the best hits of national and international Pop and Rock and Roll so far, with two mandatory stops in the legendary 60s and 70s with the groups The Bottles and Queen of Magic, and we will boast of Malaga artists with a lot of flair with the performances of Jarrillo Lata, Encarni Navarro and José Callejón. Take a sneak peek of what is waiting for you:

In addition, at La Fábrica you will enjoy one of the best selections of craft beers in the region. We recommend you try the Cruzcampo Malagueta, created in honour of the city, and the Cruzcampo Coraje, which is what we all will feel when the Feria is over. Although we always have next year’s Feria!

Discover the terraceo at the Feria de Malaga 2022

To conclude, we cannot forget those places that have become a must for our summer evenings in the cities: the terraces. In our terraces, you will be able to contemplate in a bird’s eye view the beauty of the Malaga sky, our streets, our monuments and, for those with an eagle’s view, our people. In addition, a good afternoon in the centre of Malaga cannot end without having had one or two cocktails, and if there is a speciality that we can brag about on our terraces, that is undoubtedly our offer in cocktails. Don’t miss:

  • The magic of enjoying an Alcazaba cocktail in front of the palatial building from the Terraza de la Alcazaba. Our chill out terrace at Hotel Alcazaba Premium is also ideal for taking some selfies that will sweep you into networks.
  • Discover one of the most original and intrepid cocktail menus in Malaga, especially its selection of mojitos, so extensive and delicious that they will take you to Havana. Don’t miss it out and visit the Terraza de San Juan.
  • Be able to contemplate the Cathedral, the mountains of Malaga, the Gibralfaro Castle and the skyline of the historic centre from a bohemian and welcoming atmosphere on La Terraza del Quizás.
  • Travel to the most cosmopolitan bars on the planet, in the middle of the Feria and without “almost” moving from the site, with the gastronomic offer in the most cosmopolitan cocktail format from La Terraza de San Telmo.
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