Zona de terraza del Grupo Premium ideal para eventos en Málaga

Are you looking for multidisciplinary spaces in Malaga that suit your needs? Grupo Premium makes it easy. Among the different spaces of the group, you will find uncountable facilities that can seamlessly suit your needs as to organise your event in the best possible way. Whether it is for an exclusive or large event, in a wide or intimate space, with incredible views or unique decorations, or even with the possibility of enjoying the gastronomy or cocktails that represent us. At Grupo Premium we’ll take care of everything to make your event a complete success. Do you want to know more? Keep reading and discover all our spaces.

La Fábrica: Your Multidisciplinary Space for Large Events

If you’re looking for a space to celebrate a large event or gather a big group, La Fábrica will be a safe bet. Thanks to its wide and fully suitable space, it is possible to present products and organise events of any kind. In addition, we’ll provide you with a screen and a projector, as well as with several televisions along the premises. This multidisciplinary space in Malaga will leave the attendees speechless since they will be part of an unforgettable experience.

Batik Hall: An Ideal Restaurant for Organising Events in Malaga

In the case of groups of up to 40 people willing to organise their event in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the ideal option is Batik Hall. The restaurant at the Hotel Alcazaba Premium adapts its space as to hold your event and enjoy the spectacular views of the Alcazaba. In addition, you will have a screen and a projector whenever needed. Batik has hosted weddings, press conferences and product presentations. This shows the wide variety of spaces offered by Grupo Premium in downtown Malaga.

Sala Nómada: Your Multidisciplinary Space in Malaga Premium Hotel

Located on the second floor of Malaga Premium Hotel, Sala Nómada is a perfect functional event for organising your event. A great place to host interviews, meetings and personalized training courses, among many other options. Its original and modern decoration, which highlights the natural touch with green, ensures maximum comfort for up to 20 attendees. Do you need a team meeting? Looking for a space to make an important announcement to you or the people around you? Trust our team, they will organise an event that suits your needs.

Yubá Experience: A Multidisciplinary Space with a Distinctive Touch

If you want to organise an event in Malaga for a small and exclusive group, leave it in the hands of Yubá Experience. This space, which allows you to enjoy an exclusive gastronomic experience in an intimate and private atmosphere, it’s also an ideal place for senior management, VIP customers or special meetings with a limited audience. If you need visual support, there is a large LED screen.

Premium Rooftop Bars: Organise your Event in Malaga Outdoors

If you are into an informal and outdoor space to organise events in Malaga, rely on our rooftops. Feel free to choose between La Terraza de San Juan or La Terraza de la Alcazaba, located on the rooftops of our Premium hotels, or maybe between La Terraza de San Telmo or La Terraza del Quizás, found in the last floor of our buildings Apartamentos Málaga Premium. In all of them you will find a relaxed atmosphere, with an afterwork spirit, privileged locations and views and a professional service covering all the needs of your event. And don’t forget to try our wide selection of delicious cocktails! There’s no better to close an event!

Elevate the Organisation of Your Event in Malaga to the Premium Level

If you liked the different options of multidisciplinary spaces in Malaga offered by Grupo Premium, there’s still more to take them to the next level. Whatever alternative you choose, you can combine the multidisciplinary space with different breakfast, coffee break or lunch packages, all sitting at the table or as if it was an informal cocktail. Furthermore, you will have access to all the technical equipment and material you need easily. We’ll take care of everything. What are you waiting for to book your favourite space and organise your event in Malaga? We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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