Once again, we celebrate the Malaga Film Festival! A national event that has been held since 1998 and aims to promote and advertise Spanish films, as well as turn our city into a landmark on the national and international scene. The Festival recognises the southern city par excellence as a cultural capital.

The Malaga Festival 2023 celebrates its 26th edition. Several events are going on where the best works in the different categories will be showcased. Furthermore, it also pays tribute to the great personalities of the film industry, either directors, producers, or actors. This time, the organiser of the premiere was Xunta de Galicia, since the idea behind this activity was to encourage and support the participation of Galician cinema in the superb Malaga Film Festival. Of course, at Grupo Premium, we did not want to miss out on an event of scale, and we have also done our bit with an activity that you will love. Read below for more details.

Malaga Film Festival 2023: Cocktails and a Premiere at Terraza de San Juan

As we were saying, Grupo Premium is always at the forefront of the most popular events, and the Malaga Film Festival 2023 is one of them. As a warm-up, on Tuesday, 14th March, it took place in La Terraza de San Juan, the premiere party of the Galician film Sica, directed by Carla Subirana.

This feature film competes for the Biznaga de Oro, the main prize awarded by the official jury of the Malaga Film Festival. The film, which has already been selected at the Berlin International Film Festival, the popularly so-called Berlinale, narrates the story of Sica, a 14-year-old girl who wants the sea to return her father to her after being lost at sea on the Costa da Morte. As she enters a journey of exploration to discover all the details of her father’s accident, she meets a very peculiar young man. A succession of events will shape her experience and perspective on the fishing village where she grew up.

Are you not already eager to see it with just this mysterious teaser? What if we told you that the party held by Xunta de Galicia, the top governing body, on Tuesday 14th, at Terraza de San Juan was a huge success? From the very beginning, our bartenders were ready with some of our best cocktail delights and tasty snacks offered at every table to all the crew members who had collaborated on the film and who had attended the event. Don’t you think it’s an excellent initiative to kick off the Malaga Festival 2023 in style?

Introducing a Spanish film production in the capital of the Costa del Sol and in a Premium space to promote and support regional cinema in Galicia and… who knows? Perhaps it is possible to internationalise it in this world-famous film festival due to the prestige of a governing body such as La Xunta.

Malaga Film Festival 2023: From the Inside

In addition, the best personalities directly or indirectly involved in the film were present: directors, producers, and actors to the audiovisual technicians who made it possible to bring this film show to the big screen.

At Grupo Premium, we witnessed the incredible presentation launched by the supreme body of the Galician government: La Xunta de Galicia, which will undoubtedly have a very positive repercussion on the recognition of the region and its culture. It is incredible to imagine it could be one of the Festival’s winning films in 2023. In addition, La Terraza de San Juan was chosen to celebrate this outdoor event, especially now that spring is just around the corner.

This event already looked great, and, fortunately, all the forecasts of  Xunta de Galicia were fulfilled. The guests enjoyed the best views and our signature cocktails and even tasted some gastronomic delicacies made by our chefs, all in a cosmopolitan and stylish environment where they shared laughter, complicity and their ideas and perspectives on the film culture of one of the most beautiful northern communities in the country, as well as reliving key moments of the film’s plot, to such an extent that it has already been one of the many highlights of the Malaga Film Festival 2023.

In short, Sica perfectly portrays women’s role in a society imbued with work at sea. At Grupo Premium, we were delighted to see how some of the best professionals in the audiovisual industry came up to the heights of our rooftop bar to experience one of the most relevant events in the country. Indeed, we are still emotionally recovering from all that we have lived through.

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