Do you want to organise an event in Malaga? At Grupo Premium, we have a wide range of spaces available for all types of company events, whether discreet or massively attended. Trust our extensive experience, and we guarantee that we can adapt to your needs. The success of your event is guaranteed with Grupo Premium.

Events organisation in Malaga with a distinguishing element

We have already explained how, at Grupo Premium, we organise cocktail-type events. When the weather is good, you usually want to plan outdoor activities, so what better idea than visiting the terraces in Malaga of Grupo Premium? You can enjoy a private environment, a relaxed atmosphere, and the most impressive views of Malaga from the heights.

However, if you plan to organise a more formal company event, preferably indoors, we have several spaces perfect for you. Grupo Premium offers you the meeting spaces of Hotel Alcazaba Premium and Malaga Premium Hotel. Both rooms are multidisciplinary and have all the necessary audiovisual media for your company event. In addition, Sala Nómada in Malaga Premium Hotel offers a comfortable and private atmosphere that makes it the ideal place for interviews, business meetings, or even to provide training. How about adding a coffee break? You will become the perfect host and make a good impression on your guests. And do not worry about special requests. You can rely on Grupo Premium’s high-quality gastronomic menu.

Celebrate Your Company Events at Any of the Grupo Premium Venues

Of course, in addition to our meeting rooms, your events in Malaga can be organised in any of our venues. All Grupo Premium spaces are fully adaptable and multifunctional. Let us know what you need, and we will handle everything.

For example, the halls of our hotels have hosted events such as art exhibitions or presentations of all kinds. In addition, the Terraza de la Alcazaba and the Terraza de San Juan are perfect for organising an outdoor coffee break now that the good weather has arrived. And what about taking advantage of the facilities of the Batik and Bendito restaurants to celebrate a company event as important as a Christmas dinner?

Now that you know the wide range of options and spaces offered by Grupo Premium, you just have to get in touch with us and decide which one best suits your company event. Call at 952 06 38 02 or send us an email to We will be waiting for you!

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