Are you looking for an exceptional space to organise corporate events in Malaga? Discover the advantages of La Terraza del Quizás, an opportunity only available at Grupo Premium for business celebrations and meetings with which you want to stand out.

Rooftop terrace for events in Malaga – Organisation of top events

La Terraza del Quizás, located on the 6th floor of Apartamentos Málaga Premium on Calle Granada, is our exclusive enclave designed for high-level corporate events. With a boho-hippie chic style that evokes the carefree aesthetic of the 1960s, this terrace provides the perfect backdrop for informal events, business lunches, presentations, and anything else you can imagine.

terraza para eventos en Málaga

Accommodating up to 80 people, La Terraza del Quizás’ event space offers the flexibility to host intimate or more significant events. But what sets Grupo Premium apart is our commitment to the success of your event. We have an experienced and dedicated team that focuses on making every occasion an unforgettable moment.

Event Organisation with Grupo Premium

The versatility of La Terraza del Quizás is undeniable. We adapt the space to the specific needs of your event, with a covered area that protects against bad weather conditions, whether it’s the cold and rain in winter or the heat in summer. The indoor, air-conditioned area is ideal for smaller events or intimate gatherings.

gastronomía para organización de eventos

At Grupo Premium, we offer exceptional space, advanced equipment options, multimedia solutions, and customisation according to your needs and those of your event. However, what makes our offer irresistible is the gastronomic proposal of the highest quality. With almost a decade of experience in event organisation and high-end catering in Malaga city, we guarantee a culinary experience that will please all your guests.

If you plan to organise a corporate event in Malaga, La Terraza del Quizás is your ideal choice. Contact our team by calling 952 06 45 24 or writing to Don’t wait any longer and design your next unforgettable corporate event with Grupo Premium.

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